How to Pick Outfits for Family Pictures

Layer and add accessories. Bring in your own style by adding scarves, belts, jewelry, and fun shoes. These little touches will help you show off your personality and style in the midst of a large family picture. this would work!

What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR-Multi Color! 100+ Ideas!

Family Picture Clothes by Color Series-Multi

Great picture idea for the hughes clan someday! Three generations on the beach. Four colors, 26 people. -Scroll down to see the kids in birth order numbered shirts.

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20 Superb Infographics & Cheat Sheets to Help You Grow Your Photography Business Fast - what to wear, family portrait session infographic, outdoor family photos

What to wear for family photoshoots {the “three colors + POP” rule} » Meghan Owens Photography

What to wear for family photoshoots {the “three colors + POP” rule}

Lots of ideas on What to wear browns and other neutrals.

Picture Clothes by Color Series-Brown