Large i shaped kitchens

A 230-square-foot tiny house featuring a large U-shaped kitchen with tons of counter space. One end of the counter can be used as a dining table or desk.

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aokat15's U-shaped kitchen: "Here are the oversized drawers [by range] -- I don't usually keep the blender in the oversized pot drawer but lately my dh has been on a protein shake kick and he switched it out with the crockpot."

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Inspiration for my parents kitchen, but mirrored. I like the concept of 3 double hung windows w/ 4 or 12 lights, the cabinet style, and the wood floors.

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U Shaped Couch Ideas - : #HomeFurniture The u shaped couch is sleek, modern, and practical and there are really thousands of models. Before choosing a nice couch in the shape of “U”, it is important to calculate the amount of space you have available in your home to place a couch of this kind. The couches with this type of...

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