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30 Rock Garden Ideas that helps you connect with nature

Landscaping with boulders | I've been looking for ideas to use bolders in landscaping and so far, this is the only one that comes close. In other places, the bolders stand alone or with a plant or two, or are just large rocks.


Welcome, my name is Brooke Kroeger and can easliy say I live my life in a garden. I just love beautiful things. I am an avid gardener and collect vintage roses and cottage style flowers. I share my own garden at my Creative Country Mom website,


Using Rock to Enhance Your Landscaping

Natural elements exists everywhere we look, but one of the most common element is rock from the ground. Using different types of rock products to enhance your landscaping can bring a natural element, as well as, a beauty to your landscaping that contrasts with your lawn and flowers. This contrast can create separation of spaces …


This realistic looking rock can easily be used as part of your garden or flower bed decor. It's made of fiberlite, a durable, all weather fiberglass composite, and coated with exterior-grade acrylics for long lasting beauty. Curvilinear shape resists wind, so it will stay put until you move it. Each rock cover is hand painted, so no two are alike, just like in nature. Rocks are a blend of tan and gray shades, with tan the dominant color; the degree of tan and gray colors will vary from rocks…


Gravel around the foundation for drainage, plant shrubs along to help soak up water. Like the idea of the large rock to prevent erosion from the water spicket. Maybe a few cool pots or barrels with plants too? I like :)


How to Make a Lightweight Faux Rock for a Backyard

Large rocks can hide unsightly areas of your yard, help make a false river bed, or use a decor in your landscape. This DIY gives you easy steps to make this faux rock that is completely weather proof, including heat and extreme cold. All ya need is cardboard, chicken wire, Portland cement, perlite, peat moss, water, creative juices, maybe some rubber gloves if you don't want to get your hands dirty, and 24 hours for drying and you have a very light weight landscape option.