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A sixth plate tintype of a pair of seasoned Federal cavalryman. The pair sit dressed nearly identical. Each sporting large silk cravats and caps with cavalry insignia, company and regimental id pinned to the top. It looks to be maybe "22" up there on top of the cap. Each man has a massive Colt Army tucked into his belt. (Continued in comments.)

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15 Clever Things You Didn't Know You Really Needed in Your Kitchen

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Quick, easy and inexpensive way to display a large message! Use paper plates (dollar store) and tape. Perfect for "punking" someone on their birthday! I punked my neighbor on his 40th birthday....$2.00 worth of black paper plates from the dollar store and about a $1 worth of packing tape to adhere the plates to his garage door.

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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Not only do I love how organized these drawers are, but I am a big fan of keeping plates and bowls low so my kids can reach them - and put them away!

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Large Woodland Party Plates

Review Wall clock search results on Hobby Lobby’s website. Find great deals on arts, crafts and hobby supplies.

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Ottoman from Trebizond, wearing a large kama sword and holding a rifle. From:Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873, 74 photographic plates by Pascal Sebah, published by the Imperial Ottoman Commission for the "Exposition Universelle" of Vienna in 1873.

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Lego Party

Creative Lego Birthday Party Ideas really cute plates - draw the face w/ a sharpie More

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