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One of our actual campsites for a 5 day trip. The tarp wrapped around the trees behind the chairs is a shower stall. (07/12)

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large tarp around and in front of tent for kids to sit, play and eat on. sweep off- easier than putting blankets it!

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Prepared LDS Family: Additional Emergency Supplies for Disasters. -gallon Bucket #2 - Leather work gloves (put near top or in 72-hour kit) Large tarp Folding shovel Hatchet Whet stone 50 ft. nylon cord Duct tape Small folding cook stove with fuel Small hand broom Pliers and wrench Crowbar/prybar

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Entertaining: 2 Year Old Boy's Birthday Party

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Make fishing boats out of cardboard boxes, lay down a blue tarp to make it look like water, use a sand bucket to put the fish in and use those play fishing poles with fish that you get in any toy section at any large super store

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This outdoor cooking set up appeals to me for longer trips: plastic tarp floor, pop up gazebo, L-table countertop, rolling water cooler, 2-burner range ... I could do this!

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Camping in the rain is not exactly fun, BUT having an extra large tarp sure would make it a bit easier!

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