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Casting Call: Ben Afflecks Batman Movie Part V Welcome to Part V of our Ben Affleck Batman Movie Casting Call where it all began with me writing about What Batman Movie Ben Affleck Should Make then Part I Part II Part III and Part IVof this 5 part series. We have now come to the finale of this epic casting call and Ive saved the best for last The Joker (played by Jared Leto) and his tale however unlike the other villains in this tale he doesnt care about killing Batman to quote the Joker…


'The Lego Batman Movie' Gets Release Date

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Superman-Batman Film Title 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Announced


Casting Call: Ben Affleck Batman Movie Part One Last week I decided to lend DC and Warner Bros. a helping hand and gave them the perfect Batman Movie for the DCEU if youre a Batman fan I suggest you check it out. However Im a nice guy and Ill give you the basics. Since DC wants to have a lot of Batman villains in it I felt instead of one giant movie adapting the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode Almost Gotim where some of Batmans greatest foes sit around and tell stories of how…

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The Dark Knight Rises: Fabulous Fan-Created Poster Art

This is the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie ◄