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The last moments (seconds) before Jake Fleagel was sent to his death by various law enforcement officers for murder


The slippery Thomas Stanley (1435-1504) in an engraving from 1838. He was ostensibly a Yorkist, loyal to Edward IV and then Richard III. But he was married to Margaret Beaufort, making him the stepfather of Henry Tudor, the Lancastrian heir. At the battle of Bosworth, Stanley kept his men off to the side, safely out of the action. At the last moment, he betrayed Richard and supported his stepson. It was widely thought at the time that this tipped the balance in Henry's favour. Treachery!!


The moment Dean turned down pie. #Holy shit #The world is ending

from the Guardian

Henri Huet : Vietnam

Vietnam: Memorial Day: Georgette Louise Meyer: Chapelle was killed in Vietnam on November 4, 1965 while on a search and destroy operation. The lieutenant in front of her kicked a tripwire boobytrap, consisting of a mortar shell with a hand grenade. Chapelle was hit in the neck by a piece of shrapnel which severed her carotid artery and died soon after. Her last moments were captured in a photograph by Henri Huet. She became the first American female reporter to be killed in action.


Empire State Building… and Last Moments of the WTC Photo looking south down Manhattan past the ESB and down to the Twin Towers at what must have been about 9 a.m. on 9/11/2001. Like just about anyone, pics like this still freak me the hell out and bring me back to the moments I was watching this via TV and Internet.


Hella Fellenbaum Weiss re-counts her deportation to Sobibor from Wlodawa in November 1942. “We left Wlodawa for Sobibor in carts. One might wonder why so few of us tried to escape, since we knew the fate awaiting us. True, my brothers and I were still children, but why didn’t the adults revolt? Our cart was guarded by an armed Ukrainian who was watching us. German soldiers with machine guns rode alongside us on horseback..."


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