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from Dave Willis


Dave Willis inspirational quote family is defined by more than blood or last names by by commitment and love


I wish we lasted; I wish we climbed every mountain hand in hand. But now you're gone.


Feng Shui For Love, Love & More Lasting Love | The Tao of Dana

from mindbodygreen

How To Manifest Real, Lasting Love

My article on how to manifest the partner of your dreams. For MindBodyGreen


The 7 Ring of Marriage | When you first say "I do," the future seems rosy. But what happens when your dream relationship becomes a nightmare? Leading you through seven "rings" of marriage---engagement, wedding, discovering, persevering, restoring, prospering, and mentoring---Bledsoe prepares you for a lifetime of lasting love as you move through each circle of commitment.

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World's Longest Married Couple Has the Secret to Lasting Love

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from Lori Schumaker

63 Years of Loving Well – The Ingredients to a Lasting Marriage

After 63 years of marriage, this couple offers 27 ingredients to building a lasting marriage. They have experienced loving well and today their love story is stronger than ever before. - Building a Lasting Love Story Marriage Series - Lori Schumaker


Tak God things are going so well for me. Beautiful men are appearing in my life and are in lasting love with me . I am being loved in deeds and truth. Everything is good and perfect ✝tak tak God for allowing this to happen yea hallelujah glory to you God always


Pray. Wait. Trust. The first thing we need to do is usually the last thing we do when we’re faced with a problem. Pray! That’s the first thing we need to do. We need to go to God with it first. Then we wait and trust in Him that He hears our prayers and He will answer us. Let this inspirational print be a reminder of that. #pray #wait #trust