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#LA #Foodie The Best Diner in Every State in America:UNCLE JOHN’S CAFE (LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA) In-N-Out might be your go-to for late night food, but once you try Uncle John’s Cafe, you’ll never want to go back. Sure, it’s not your typical “American” diner experience, but downtown LA has hella good Chinese food that you gotta take advantage of. So, order some spicy pork chops and rice with a side of eggs when you get here.

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Savory Chinese Crepe

Savory Chinese crepes are widely popular in mainland China. They are usually sold by food trucks or food vendors. One crepe can be done in a couple minutes from start to finish. It is tasty and cooked really fast so that it is a lot of people’s breakfast or late night snack food on the go.

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The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

From the star chef, founder, and co-owner of the wildly popular restaurant Mission Chinese Food, comes a riotous, unconventional cookbook packed with inventive recipes that embody his signature mash-up of "Chinese" food and American classics.Born out of a food truck that roamed the late night streets of San Francisco's Mission District, Mission Chinese Food started life as a pop-up, a rough-and-tumble joint that served radically reimagined "Chinese food" inside an old...

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Chicken Congee

Congee is regarded as the ultimate Chinese comfort food, according to the author Fuchsia Dunlop. This recipe for ji zhou or chicken congee, from her book on Jiangnan regional cuisine, is dead simple and satisfying. Serve it with chicken and soy sauce for a late-night Shanghai-style snack. (Photo: Lisa Nicklin for NYT)

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Chinese street food and late-night tiki drinks on Comm Ave

Sweet and spicy XO Scallops at Shanghai Social Club-Chinese street food and late-night tiki drinks on Comm Ave