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Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Sunday defended the White House against charges that they did not act quickly enough to protect the Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks. Gates, who served in the administrations of both Presidents George W. Bush’s and Obama said that some critics who said that military force could have saved lives had a “cartoonish” view of U.S. military capabilities.


Florida: Mosque to broadcast Islamic call to prayer, Councilman says potential noise ‘nuisance’

Florida: Mosque to broadcast Islamic call to prayer, Councilman says potential noise ‘nuisance’ | Creeping Sharia


Gravestone for "Zosime, daughter of Herakleon", from Syria, late 1st century B.C. The hands on the stele symbolize her relatives' vow to avenge her death which was apparently not a natural one.


Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration. An Egyptian magazine claims that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.


“You can tell a lot about people from their tongues," says Dr Vinod Kumar, an Edinburgh-based ayurvedic doctor...


Latest dramatic photos from inside east Aleppo as Russian-backed government forces make huge gains: Aleppo Syria - Syrian pro-government forces walk around in Minyan, west of Aleppo, after they retook the area from rebel fighters. George Ourfalian/AFP

Thousands wait to leave Aleppo as new deal is reached | Syria News | Al Jazeera

Syria's Civil War News - Today's latest from Al Jazeera

View from Gilo Neighborhood - Jerusalem Israel toward Bethlehem and Beit Jala - Find the latest Israel cartoons and the latest news on Israel and the Middle East at


Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan has come out swinging today. With the U.S. led coalition (Britain and France included) recently suffering an embarrassing defeat in Aleppo, Syria when Iranian and Russian forces helped to liberate the city from ISIL, this latest incident could be seen as Turkey throwing salt on the U.S. wound. Erdogan’s bombshell statements highlighted what most of the world is now coming to accept as reality: “They give support to terrorist groups including Daesh…