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Horatian Satire. Experience is listening to and reading about the 2016 Election pretty much daily. Values inherent are candidness + humor. My reaction was simply to laugh & look back on the overall ridiculousness of our latest election. The goals are to deride the election & also mock the President Elect and this is effective because of the basic & funny image of a crying Donald Trump with the word "Trumpertantrum" that makes fun of Trump's outbursts on social media, at rallies, + in…

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Unfortunately, some of the damage they cause will not be easily undone. --- Image from Jesus, Republicans and other Bullshit on Facebook.

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What I Learned From the Intelligence Report on "Russian Hacking"

Let's All Have a Good Nervous Laugh Over Trump's Latest Misadventures

Republicans are so delusional. They think the world is "with them" and they are "on the right side of history." The world has despised you all along, idiots. They have no respect for your ideology or your new President.

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Craigslist Ads are popping up around the United States showing recruitment for full-time or part-time “protesters” against the Trump Presidency. In general, history indicated all of these sinister paid-for violent groups lead back to one man…George Soros. The latest, in Seattle. Los Angeles New York We will expose this evil maniac and his every move. Support the Trump Presidency and help us fight Liberal Media Bias. Please LIKE and SHARE this story on Facebook or Twitter. Share on…

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and today, we overlooked his conflicts of interest/latest money making scam on the American people in favor of focus on his ludicrous tweets about flag-burning

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An American President worth his weight would be boasting of the EXEMPLARY…

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Washington Post Pulls Fake Story on Russian Power Grid Hack » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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Trump 'Golden Showers' with Prostitues Caught on Video - The Latest Hoax Spread by Liberal Media - YouTube

It takes two to tango. Ivanka is pretty on the outside but inside she's a carbon copy of dear old dad.

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