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RedMonks bi-annual programming language ranking is out and it shows that JavaSript continues to rule the web. Also Apples Swift has made great progress in a short span of one year. For a developer its very important to recognize his/her needs and learn the right programming language. If a developer knows the latest trends and the rising languages he/she knows the x-factor that can make all the difference. The result of RedMonks bi-annual programming language ranking is out and it shows all…

The Latest & Greatest Microprocessor Development Boards Snickerdoodle by KRTKL, Inc. is a robotic development company providing a variety of affordable, powerful, out of the box baseboards & I/O peripherals with functional applications. Snickerdoodle Usability Snickerdoodle allows users to program in C/C++, Python, Java, and’s programming languages often used with Arduino: Snappy Ubuntu Core, […]

#Apple’s new #programming language Swift promises to lock down catastrophic errors that have plagued its predecessors


A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

The different uses of programming languages
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