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20 Amazing Sun Tattoo Designs | Get New Tattoos for 2015 Designs and Ideas from Latest Tattoos

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Industrial Tattoo

My latest tattoo! One of my favorite lines from Hamilton. I’ve been wanting to get a new tattoo for a while, and this seemed like the perfect thing. I’m thankful for Lin-Manuel Miranda for making such a wonderful show, and for reigniting my interest in history! I feel very lucky to be alive right now. :) #hamilton #hamiltat

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Kendall Jenner has designed Hailey Baldwin's latest tattoo

Oh my gosh, this is major best friend goals! Hailey Baldwin got a new tattoo on June and her bestie Kendall Jenner designed it for her! The super adorable tat features the word 'pray', and we love the unique placement! See for yourself, here.

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‘Today Is The Best Day Ever’ One of Kehlani’s latest tattoos. Photographed by Erika Goldring

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My latest tattoo Done by Ryan Smith at Foothills Tattoo in Perth, Western Australia - @ryansmithtattoos I told him which elements of sacred geometry I wanted included in this tattoo (Flower of Life/ Seed of Life & the Sri Yantra) and the rest was left up to him! So happy with the result, I think it fits my body perfectly as well :)

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