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In this small laundry closet, not an inch of space is wasted. A countertop unites side-by-side units and forms a surface for folding clothes and stashing hampers. A hanging rod is fastened above to air dry delicates, while a splash of silver tile brightens even the most mundane chore.

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Industrial Farmhouse LAUNDRY Hangups You'll Want!

One thing I've long needed in my laundry room is a place to hang dry clothing. But with a room that's kinda tight for space, I've been going without for quite s…


Two Large Antique Charcoal Irons. - Price Estimate: $100 - $300

Two Antique Fluting Irons. - Price Estimate: $50 - $150

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Nifty Ways to Organise and Conceal Your Laundry Area

Washers and dryers can be installed under benches in the kitchen to save space for other uses.


Antique Engraved Brass Slug Iron. - Price Estimate: $100 - $300

Laundry themed doodle set. Various equipment and facilities for washing, drying and ironing clothes. Freehand vector sketches isolated over white background.