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Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide For Laundry

This is the best homemade laundry stain remover recipe! It removes a very large variety of stains, is cheap, frugal, and quite simple! Overall it's just awesome sauce! {on Stain Removal 101}

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Homemade Clothing Stain Remover

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DIY laundry stain remover (better than Shout!)

DIY laundry stain remover (better than Shout!) Another very effective and inexpensive stain remover… I tested this and it really works: chalk! If you have a fat stain on a cloth, you ‘overwrite’ it with a simple piece of chalk (like children use for drawing on chalkboard), then put the cloth in the machine. It’s magic!

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DIY Stain Remover {Removes Almost Any Stain!}

Super simple DIY laundry stain remover. This works miracles on so many stains-- no need for complicated stain charts or chemicals. Grab a few things from the pantry and wait until you see how well this works!

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DIY Laundry Stain Remover. Works great on fresh stains. Someone gave me some clothes that had been stored with stains for a year or didn't get those out but it did get out other stains off my girls clothing :)

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How to Make Homemade Laundry Stain Remover

DIY spot remover 2 C peroxide 3% 1 C dawn 1/2 C baking soda Shake and Spray -want to try- not much feedback on weather it works.

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Stain Removing Cheat Sheets

<a href="" target="blank"> Laundry Stain Removal Magnet </a>

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