The Little Prince - the Laura Wood, Illustration and Design. Cover re-imagined, and absolutely gorgeous
reading with a friend   (Laura Wood)
Foot stool"Particle" foot stool by Bethan Laura Wood. Laminate marquetry and MDF base, upholstered seating, fabric cover.   UK, 2013
British artist Bethan Laura Wood ( has designed her bone china cup series titled Stain to improve through use. Each cup is treated so that areas are susceptible to stain in a predetermined pattern. Through use, the pattern is revealed and the user’s individual drinking habits are built up over time.
So pretty that I will call it art! -
Welcome to our fire pit the s'more the merrier.   Firepit sign from repurposed fencing
A beautiful illustration of a creative business plan, created by Laura Wood.
Urban gardening - Laura Wood Illustration
Bethan Laura Woods
Personal work - Laura Wood Illustration
Esto es Diseño!  Aplicado en Joyería y hecho en madera by Bethan Laura.-
handmade rings by Bethan Laura Woods in collaboration with Eugene Lovato and Arduino Zappaterra
Art Deco meets Space Age. Playtime tables designed by Bethan Laura Wood.
Tangled and Twisted Earrings sterling silver, brass, glass beading, prehnite, pearl 2012 2" x .5" x .5" artist by LAURA WOOD - USA
Christmas tree - Laura Wood Illustration
The magic baby - Laura Wood.  I've pinned this before, but like it so much that I'm pinning it again!