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Lavender Square Wedding Cakes

Square wedding cake, wedding cake, rhinestone ribbon, bling ribbon, scrol lwork, monogram topper, lavender, purple, Lake House Cake by Shannon, Panama City Beach, FL

Feast Your Eyes on 18 Pin-Worthy Floral Wedding Cakes

Feast Your Eyes on These 18 Pin-Worthy Floral Wedding Cakes. To see more: #wedding #weddingcake #weddingcakes


Soooo pretty. If only the ribbon & flowers were edible. Idk... i have a thing about my wedding cake having to have everything be edible on it.

Victorian Wedding, Vintage Wedding, Purple Wedding, Purple Wedding Cake, Lavender Wedding Cake, Birdcage Wedding Cake, Creative Wedding Cake, Different Wedding Cake, Custom Wedding Cake, Peacocks Wedding Cake, Square Wedding Cake (Cake design exclusively by Alexis Davis)