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The Texas Rangers were unofficially formed in 1823 when Stephen F. Austin employed 10 men to protect American families settling in Texas after the Mexican War of Independence. They became an official law enforcement agency in 1835 making the Rangers the 2nd oldest of all state-level law enforcement agencies. The Rangers dealt with some of the most memorable criminal cases of the Old West including John Wesley Harding and Bonnie and Clyde.

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[Article] "A nation in which we are warned that the government is our enemy and that the law enforcement agencies are out to get us if we so much as look sideways at them and their criminal practices. It is astonishing that it has come to this under a president who is supposedly a professor of constitutional law, who promised transparency and commitment to the rule of law, and, most incredibly, is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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In 2017 let us not forget that law enforcement agencies probably already have ways to access to all our mobile devices submitted by /u/plxz [link] [comments]

A leading federal law enforcement agency asked our manufacturer to invent a special emergency handcuff key for their undercover operatives. The Undercover Bracelet is the result. This device is completely non-metallic, even the key portion. The key, which is permanently affixed to one end of the bracelet, serves as the connector joining the two ends. The key is not visible when the bracelet is worn. It is quickly accessed by just yanking on the bracelet, exposing the key.

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PRECISION RIFLE - CDX-TACThe new CDX-30 Guardian Tac sniper rifles are a cost efficient solution for law enforcement agencies or civilian market that do not see an advantage in a folding stock mechanism. The precision rifle tac is the same reliability and accuracy as the Lite combined into a well proven package at a fraction of the cost.

U.S. Marshals: The Greatest Cases of America's Most Effective Law Enforcement Agency (Paperback)

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The FBI has gathered crime statistics from law enforcement agencies across the Nation that voluntarily participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting(UCR) Program since 1930. These data have been published each year, and since 1958, have been available in the publication Crime in the United States (CIUS). As a supplement to CIUS, the FBI, in cooperation with the Bureau of Justice Statistics, provides this site that allows users to build their own customized data tables.

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Undercover Bracelet

$9.99 Undercover Bracelet: A useful tool for covert and undercover operators, those that travel abroad in unstable countries, or anyone at risk of being held unlawfully. A leading federal law enforcement agency asked for a special emergency handcuff key for their undercover operatives. The Undercover Bracelet is the result. Disguised as a common "gummy bracelet", this rubbery flexible bracelet won't draw even a second glance when worn in most environments.

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