@Joni Lay / Lay Baby Lay gives you inspiration for a candy coated cozy nursry! See the full post on Style Spotters: http://www.bhg.com/blogs/better-homes-and-gardens-style-blog/2013/08/27/get-the-look-candy-coated-cozy/?socsrc=bhgpin082913candycozy

get the look: candy coated cozy

Wells Lay / Lay Baby Lay gives you inspiration for a candy coated cozy nursery!

How cute is this Garden Prep nursery inspiration board by @Joni Lay / Lay Baby Lay? Read more from Style Spotters: http://www.bhg.com/blogs/better-homes-and-gardens-style-blog/

get the look: moody floral

Chicken Egg Color Chart | Chicken Egg Color Chart, Breed Specific

Rare chickens have weird colours of eggs ( from DUCK egg blue ,that are sometimes sold in butchers shops BUT from DUCKS = too expensive and ultra limited supplies of these to sell ) ‼️

Trend: Indigo and Dip-Dye. @Joni Wells Wells Lay / Lay Baby Lay shows you how to incorporate it into your home decor. See the full post on Style Spotters: http://www.bhg.com/blogs/better-homes-and-gardens-style-blog/2013/08/13/get-the-look-indigo-and-dip-dye/?socsrc=bhgpin08113dipdye

get the look: indigo and dip-dye

Lay Baby Lay: indigo nursery on BHG today! Love the dresser and armchair

Give your chickens a safe, comfortable place to lay eggs with homemade nesting boxes.

10 DIY Chicken Nesting Box Ideas

not give your chickens a secure and pleasant area to lay eggs with these DIY projects for chicken nesting containers. Simply with materials laying around in your own home you can spend less making these nesting containers.

Lay Baby Lay: walking on sunshine...i'm always hesitant about the color yellow, but all the blue and bright white makes me kind of love this.

walking on sunshine

@Joni Lay / Lay Baby Lay shows how to decorate with trendy copper on Style Spotters: http://www.bhg.com/blogs/better-homes-and-gardens-style-blog/2014/02/25/get-the-look-copper/

get the look: copper