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Hey, names Frankie. I'm pretty layed back. I love books and music. I may seem a little boring at first but once you get to know me im really fun. Of couse that is if you actually talk to me. most people don't. My moms Raven(Teen Titans). I have all of her powers, Sill learning how to control them, and I have a bit of a dark side.I can change my eye color and i'm 16. Say hey.


6 Stylist Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

This looks amazing! I used to have my hair layered like this but I won't get it again. Theirs nothing wrong with it but I like my hair to be even so I can do more things with it


17 Great Blue Hairstyles


Okay, so lately I have been really liking this "big hair" kind of thing. I am considering growing out my hair and getting a haircut like this. It also seems like it would be easier to flat iron and style. I'm just not sure I would be able to pull it off...