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THREE BY THREE: Use these cards to identify what is going on in specific areas of the client’s life – sometimes it will be along the lines of relationship, work, family, travel, health. The second row will be ‘Anything you need to do right now about your relationship, or your work’ etc. The third row can be ‘Helpful influences’, or ‘what you should not do now’, or anything relevant to the client – use your discretion but make the intention clear before you draw the cards.


Ever have a dream that you know means something to you, but you’re just not sure what it means? That’s what the Confusing Dreams Spread was made for. This spread is a simple 5 card spread laid out in a star shape. This spread is not a substitute for a dream interpretation, but hopefully it can help you find the messages within your dreams if you don’t have access to an interpreter, or just want to see the Tarot’s opinion of your dreams.


Choosing the right fonts is one of the most important decisions when it comes to anything relating to design, whether it be a printed graphic or a website. Knowing the psychology behind choosing the correct font will give you the upper hand when it comes to designing.

Tablet The Scrumble Magazine Template #emagazine #design Download:

Tablet The Scramble Magazine

Tablet The Scrumble Magazine Template #emagazine #design Download:


Focused Triad and Intent Three Card Reading: Focused Triad This spread is designed for a meditative focus of intention and concentration. The "Thought" Tarot card will represent a train of thought, or thought-intent on which to focus. If you feel the card represents a negative thought, consider the card meaning asking you to retrain your thought and focus to the positive aspect. The "Emotion" card works in the same manner. Again, if you feel you've pulled a card with negative…

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Tarot Tip 7/15/14

Tarot Tip 7/15/14: When you first lay out the cards in a spread, examine the whole layout, rather than each singly. What patterns do you see? #tarot #tarottips