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Hemiptera /hɛˈmɪptərə/ is an order of insects most often known as the true bugs (cf. bug), comprising around 50,000–80,000 species of cicadas, aphids, planthoppers, leafhoppers, shield bugs, and others

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¿Una espina? No, Umbonia spinosa (un insecto) La especie Umbonia spinosa, conocida vulgarmente como bicho espino, imita a la perfección la ...

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Candystriped Leafhopper The Candystriped Leafhopper, or Red Banded Leafhopper, Graphocephala coccinea, is such a beautiful insect. It is a shame it is so injurious to plants.

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What appearz to be a leaf is actually the nymph of a leafhopper (Ledrinae, Cicadellidae) that likes to keep an incredibly low profile.

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A "giant shield bug" (Tessaratomidae) and her brood of nymphs. Photo by S Frazier near Jayapura Indonisia.

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Apogonalia stalii.........

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Revelry thing about 12th Ameameame |? National Geographic (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) Japan Official site

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Lantern Flies are a kind of leafhopper, which have a large protrusion from the head resembling a snout, and large bulbous body. It's also known as lantern fly, peanut bug, peanut-headed lanternfly & alligator bug.

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