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Consonant Blends - br, bl, cr, cl

Teaching phonics is a great way to help your child learn to read and write with confidence! Use this free, printable phonics worksheet to get extra practice with the consonant blends br, bl, br, and cl. Have your young learner look at the image and tell you what it is, and then see if they can choose the correct consonant blend. When they’re finished, have them read the words back to you! Read more at…

from This Reading Mama

Learn to Read: What Comes After the ABCs

So, your child knows his letters. I mean he really knows them. He can identify them out of order and knows most, if not all the sounds. What’s the next step? How do you get your child to move from letters to reading words? Let’s stop and talk a bit about how kids learn to …


A phonic sounds poster which illustrates the various sounds made when learning to read and write. colourful, fun, and vibrant way for kids to learn, about the English language


I Can Read Simple Stories with CVC word families. Read the story, highlight the word family words, and complete the simple sentences. Great activity for building confidence for beginning and struggling readers.