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How To Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn

The point here is that instead of forcing our brains on how to remember more information with “passive” methods, we should focus our time, energy, and resources on “participatory” methods that have proven to deliver more effective results, in less time.


The Pyramid Of Learning- Start at the bottom and meet the child's sensory needs before moving up through to learning. Teachers often think kids in the spectrum are "so smart," without realizing that the holes in the bottom of the pyramid are the actual core deficit areas that hold them back from their ultimate potential.


Students with dyslexia, like most students, learn best by doing. Does it make sense, then, that most school systems use the least effective teaching methods (lectures and reading) as their primary teaching methods?


We used his food pyramid puzzle just to better understand the various food groups and to learn about which foods are healthy. I think it would be nice if we followed this up with the "My Plate" activity.


William Glasser--Retention triangle.