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Least Painful Tattoo Spots

Wondering how much that next tattoo will hurt? Check out this website first

Tattoo lifestyle website is hoping to aid people in judging the amount of physical pain that they could be in for when deciding on the placement of their next tattoo. Photo:

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If it is true good to know. I think I'd like to get a tattoo one day but paying for pain is not my thing.

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15 Best Places for Women to Get Tattoos: 10. Upper Shoulder. This is what I want! With the words "The sun will rise" ^_^

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Getting your Tattoo Instructions

I hope the back of my neck doesnt hurt. That's where I want my first tattoo

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Make the bow a little fuller...on the back of my thighs...with skulls hidden in the lace pattern.

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So very true. Missing my son so very much.

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This is a for sure future tattoo. Have been saying I want leopard spots on my side for over a year!

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