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A Collection Of Smokey Bear's Best Nature Posters

Smokey Bear's Tree Leaves - "Think". This poster is an illustrated compilation of common North American tree leaves. Brought to you by your State Forester and the United States Forest Service.

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How to Make Maple Syrup I: Choosing Trees and Getting Sap -

Make your own maple syrup! Part I explains how to select trees, including winter bud identification of sugar maple vs. red maple. Also explains how to collect sap. Very helpful photos.

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Identifying trees by leaves- my kids wouldn't need to know names but it would be good at a science centre so they can see that there are lots of different types.

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Espalier Fruit Trees: That's Natty!

How to Espalier Fruit Trees ... one of the easiest ways to include fruit trees in a small space garden and maximise your yield. Fruit grows on horizontal branches, leaves grow on verticals! | The Micro Gardener

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some think the Katsura tree smells like caramel or cotton candy when it loses it's leaves in the fall. Besides being wonderful to smell in the fall, the Katsura sports a lovely blend of orange-, raspberry- and apricot-coloured leaves. In the spring Katsura has reddish-purple new growth, in summer it sports heart-shaped blue-green leaves and in winter the gray, slightly exfoliating bark lends interest.

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With so many trees and shrubs for gardeners to choose from, it can be useful to know which ones are native to the UK. Description from I searched for this on

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Tree Identification by Leaf Shape | Figure 2. The three main groups of oaks are organized by leaf shape.~ Oak tree leaves for identification

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Southern Live Oak (Escarpment Live Oak), matches other trees in yard/neighborhood, drought tolerant

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