Lebron James and Michael Jordan!!! Lebron you don't have anything on Michael!! The reason I say that is because Lebron has 3 championship rings and Michael has 6 championship rings!! In my opinion NOBODY will be better than the truly MICHAEL JORDAN!!

Not sure why this is associated with a type of deodorant, but creating graphics like this can take fans' breath away.

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In 2012, LeBron Raymone James (born December 30, 1984) gathered his fellow Miami Heat teammates for a group photo, posing in hooded sweatshirts to bring awareness to the racist murder of Trayvon Martin. In 2014, James reacted to racist comments made by the former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling saying, "There is no room for [him] in our league ... There is no room for him.” Even though A.I. is my favorite NBA player of all time, I have nothing but love, admiration and respect for…

Lebron James (#6) Dunks and Dwayne Wade (#3) playing in the NBA for the Miami Heat. Not a Heat fan, but these players are some of the most talented in the game.

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How Much Does LeBron James Make A Game 2016-17 For the 2016-17 NBA season LeBron James will make $30963450. There are 82 games in a NBA season there he will make $377603 per game. While it took NBA legend Michael Jordan 50 years to become a billionaire LeBron Jameswill most likely become a billionaire before he turns 40. Scroll down to see his top 10 Instagram post! LeBron James Net Worth 2016-17 The NBA superstar is currently worth $300 million. LeBron James teaches us that it is in…

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