10 no wiring needed CLOSET LIGHTS: A year or so ago, I installed a motion-sensing LED closet light onto the closet ceiling, & it's been, pardon the pun, like night & day. Where I once had to rely on ambient lighting from the bedroom, or somewhat comically, a flashlight, now an automatic ceiling light turns on overhead as soon as I pop my head through the closet door.

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Illuminated LED closet rod works on a motion sensor so you don't have to switch on the closet light to find your clothes

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The mylight LED Motion Activated Ambient Lighting Closet Light | Overstock.com Shopping - The Best Deals on Track Lighting

Wireless LED Fabric Pendant Light -- battery operated, includes remote, no electrician needed. perfect for renters :) $60

LED Light Strips (For Literally Everything) | The 20 Best Ikea Hacks For Organizing Your Closet, Makeup, And The Rest Of Your Life In 2015 | Bustle

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