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Led Parking Lot Lights

Reception Ideas Some reception ideas for small weddings: Have a wedding “supper” at a restaurant instead of a reception. Rent a trolley, carriage or other interesting transportation option for guests. Have your photographer capture moments with guests–all of them. Have a tour guide show guests to the reception area if it’s in a historic home or inn. Prepare a slide show of photos from childhood up until your meeting. #SmallWedding #ReceptionIdeas

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Solar Roadways Unveils Super Strong Solar Panels for Roads in Prototypical Parking Lot

Eight years ago, Scott and Julie Brusaw had a vision of replacing the asphalt on American roadways and parking lots with energy-producing solar panels that are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic. After a lot of experimentation and funding struggles, the couple and their company Solar Roadways just unveiled their first parking lot made of hexagonal panels!

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Workshop Garden Inspiration

Thin posts (tiki torches) along walkway with round lights or chinese lantern style stringers between. Up high enough to stop cats/dogs playing with them or people tripping over them, cemented into ground with rocks if you have a problem with things being dug up.


At only 16, the Dallas based aspiring fashion photographer Ann He has some surprising flicks in her portfolio. Shooting mostly young models and friends, Ann definitely has an eye for composition and lighting as well as good technical skills such as superposition and long exposure. Its not the first time we reviewed a 16 year old photographer, and with this young self taught internet generation, be sure to see more and more young talents in every creative industry.


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Nabana-no-Sato Park, Kuwana, Mie, Japan. During the gloomy winters we all need something to color and light up our lives. The Japanese devoted a whole botanical garden for that purpose, and transformed it into a 7mln LED light winter illumination. Located on the Island Of Nagashima in Kuwana, the installations in the Nabana-no-Sato Garden were opened just this week.


DOCHEER 150W LED Shoebox light LED Parking Lot Light Outd...

As a writer, pictures like these horrify me.

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Benefits of Using LED Lights in Parking Lots

Advantages of Using Led Parking Lot Lighting


Light, Fluorescent; the lightbulbs give off a fluorescent glow.