Leg lift machine

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Finally learn how to use the leg press machine to target different muscles.
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These are a killer!!! Smith Machine Single Leg Deadlifts 4x15 (each leg) TIP Nice and controlled movement on this one guys. Let the weight help you on the way down really focusing on the stretch in your hamstring, once you feel that stretch bring the bar back up and trust threw your hips. And as always SQUEEZE!!

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LEGS!!! - Gym Workout – my custom workout created at WorkoutLabs.com • Click through to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

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Work those Hammies!! 4 x 12 Lying Hamstring Curl, superset with 4 x 12 Seated Hamstring Curl 4 x 12 Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift, superset with 4 x 10 (each leg) Weighted Diagonal Step-up (shown without weights) 4 x 12 Glute-Ham Raise, superset with 4 x 15 (each leg) Single-Leg Bench Bridge

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Pin for Later: Learn All the Workouts Behind This Instagram Star's Amazing Butt Yeah, She "Even" Lifts, Too But does she even lift? Yes. Yes, she does. And it's paying off in spades.

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