Legends of andor

Legends of Andor is a cooperative adventure board game for two to four players in which a band of heroes must work together to defend a fantasy realm from invading hordes. To secure Andor's borders, the heroes will embark on dangerous quests over the course of five unique scenarios (as well as a final scenario created by the players themselves). But as the clever game system keeps monsters on the march toward the castle, the players must balance their priorities carefully.

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Legends of Andor Starshield Expansion

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Swords, magic, dragons, and adventure can all be yours; but generally it takes a couple of hours to really get into the heart of an adventure. We know. You’re a hero on the go with no time for character sheets or the first five minutes of a YouTube video. Gather your party and tie up your laces. Let me introduce you to Legends of Andor with all the sword swinging co-op gameplay you want, but on a timer like Pandemic. Follow the cards for setup depending on the adventure you want to take…

Thames & Kosmos "Legends of Andor" Contest!

Legends of Andor: New Heroes

Legends of Andor Fantasy Flight Games http://www.amazon.com/dp/1616615877/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_3Y5nvb1AK5EC1

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Kennerspiel des Jahres 2013 winner: Die Legenden von Andor (Legends of Andor)

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