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he púca (or pooka, phouka, phooca, púka; Irish for goblin[1]) is a creature of Irish folklore and Welsh mythology,[2] one of the myriad fairy folk, both revered and feared by those who give credence to their existence. Their belief extends as far as the West of Scotland[citation needed]. It has counterparts in Welsh (the pwca or pwwka), and in Cornish folklore (the Bucca).


Lambeau Field stadium tours allow fans to experience the Packers' history-rich facility first-hand and see several behind-the-scenes areas. Tour guides will lead you through the Lambeau Field Atrium, up to the exclusive Club Level for a look at the Legends Club. From there, you will be taken down, through the players tunnel, and learn all about the incredible history of the Green Bay Packers.


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Valkyries: Daughters of the principal god Odin, are often called Odin’s maidens. At his bidding, they flew on their horses over the fields of every battle to choose the souls of the heroic dead. Belief in the existence of magic horsewomen from heaven was widespread in Germanic and Scandinavia cultures, though they were called by different names. The Valkyries carried out the will of Odin in determining the victors in battle and of course the war. #myth