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Juego de patrones con ladrillos LEGO DUPLO

Juego de patrones con ladrillos LEGO DUPLO | Free LEGO pattern cards | LEGO fine motor activities |

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LEGO Building Challenge: Machines + Paper

LEGO Building Challenge: Machines + Paper. How to build a working LEGO paper crimper and a machine that draws circles. Great STEM challenge!

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FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards

Kids getting bored? Download and Print these FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards and get their minds working. A fun educational activity that is also a blast for birthday parties and more!

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25 Must-Try LEGO Activities

25 Must Try LEGO Activities. LEGO math, science, engineering, literacy and more! Tons of fun ideas for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

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LEGO Duplo Ring Toss

LEGO DUPLO Ring Toss Game is fun for kids of all ages! By building & playing this game kids will practice fine motor & math skills! Get the fun started in no time and adjust the difficulty by just adding or removing some DUPLO bricks.

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Kids LEGO Activities Our Best LEGO Learning Ideas for Kids

Awesome LEGO learning activities and ideas for kids that includes math, science, literacy, fine motor, art, and STEM with free printable activities too. Also pick up your copy of the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO!

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DIY Portable LEGO Kit with 24 Free Printable Activity Cards

DIY Portable LEGO Kit with 24 Free Printable Activity Cards. A great idea for those times where you have to wait (Doctor's office, restaurant) or when you are traveling (great in the car or on a plane)! From Fun at Home with Kids

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Simple Machines for Kids: LEGO Pulleys STEM Building Challenge

Simple Machines for Kids: LEGO Pulleys STEM Building Challenge. Learn about simple machines and mechanical advantage with this fun engineering lesson!

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Easy LEGO Catapult Tension Experiment STEM Activity

How to build an easy catapult for kids and learn about tension. Build a simple LEGO catapult with basic bricks. Fun STEM activity for kindergarten and grade school kids.

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Snoopy and his Dog House LEGO Building Instructions

LEGO Building Instructions – Make Snoopy and his doghouse, and there is even a Woodstock too! Oh man, this might be our new favorite LEGO project! The boys have been arguing over who gets to display it in their room, so I solved that conflict by saying that it’s mine. Gresham and I were...Read More »

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