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Michael Fassbender in Frank (Lenny Abrahamson) 2014. --- I won't pretend that this film isn't weird. I just love how bizarre the plot is but the ending is realistic.

from AlloCiné


Jack, 5 ans, vit seul avec sa mère, Ma. Elle lui apprend à jouer, à rire et à comprendre le monde qui l’entoure. Un monde qui commence et s’arrête aux murs de leur chambre, où ils sont retenus prisonniers, le seul endroit que Jack ait jamais connu. L...


Room - Lenny Abrahamson 2015 -- "After five-year old Jack and his Mom escape from the enclosed environment that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a miraculous discovery: the outside world."


Based on Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue's award-winning 2010 novel that was inspired by similar real-life crimes, is not just a simple tale of terror or a suspenseful saga of survival, although it has elements of each scenario. Instead. “Room" is a soul-searing celebration of the impenetrable bond that endures even under the most unbearable of circumstances between a parent and a child. One of the best things about “Room” is how such an intimate film manages to raise some big…

Director: Lenny Abrahamson | Reparto: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen | Género: Drama | Sinopsis: Para Jack, un niño de cinco años, la habitación es el mundo entero, el lugar donde nació, donde come, juega y aprende con su madre. Por la noche, mamá lo pone a dormir en el armario, por si viene ...


Frank: "Stale beer. Fat fucked, smoked out. Cowpoked. Sequined mountain ladies. I love your wall. Put your arms around me. Fiddly digits, itchy britches. I love you all."