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Taurus and Leo Compatibility also take help of Taurus for achieving any feat but they take full credit at the end. Taurus people can neglect it as immaturity of Leo people. Taurus and Leo Compatibility can have good relationship when they both learn to compromise with each other. If Taurus can let go their stubbornness and enjoy life with Leo and Leo becomes kind and stop bragging about them then they can easily create peaceful bond...

I don't believe in compatibility I think you like who u like but I gotta admit I am a Leo and my favorite signs are Leo,Aries,Scorpio,capricorns

In Aries and Leo compatibility, the partners have to get past the battle to become real winners. The combination is exhilarating for Aries to say the least. Both share identical likes and dislikes, both are constantly on the move, and both are fond of excitement, love and fun. For Leo, it is capricious match with commonly shared interest as well lusty and passionate natures.