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Fall in love with someone who makes you question why you were afraid to fall in love in the first place...


"There can be only one permanent revolution — a moral one; the regeneration of the inner man. How is this revolution to take place? Nobody knows how it will take place in humanity, but every man feels it clearly in himself. And yet in our world everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself." ~Leo Tolstoy


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Be a once in a life time partner - male or female. Be love filled, grace filled, joyful, a hard worker who shares in the burdens or carries them awhile your partner is not able. Shower them with kindness. Laugh often. Be other focused. Supportive. Communicate lovingly. Be respectful. Proverbs 31 woman. Relationship / marriage - always be the best you can be.


Yes! He has the most gorgeous eyes ever! He tells me all the time how beautiful mine are and i cant help but think, why did i have to fall in love with you...?


a leos love interest is someone who will truly cherish and appreciate them as they do their partner in relationship. they're some of the most charismatic people around but they have a soft spot for those brave and confident enough to make the first move. someone fun, affectionate, and loyal will often be able to pull at their heart strings. dispassionate, boring and painfully shy characteristics are chemistry killers


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