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Lester Holt Son

"Hi Dad!": Lester Holt and His son Stefan Share a Sweet On-Air Moment During the Nightly News

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Inspiration to many people, Lester Holt has certainly inspired his son and now he is walking in his father’s footsteps. #ecelebrityfacts

NBC Anchor Lester Holt back in the day son.

Lester Holt Talks Stefan Following in His Footsteps -

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Lester Holt's on a roll as NBC News wins three in row

Lester Holt's son on his father's time to 'shine' in the anchor seat

Stefan Holt said his father is not concerned about the controversy surrounding his ascent to 'NBC Nightly News' anchor

‘I am proud to say I look up to you’: As Father’s Day approaches, NBC's Lester Holt pens letter to his sons

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'Hi Dad': Watch Lester Holt and son's sweet on-air moment

A routine promo for turned into a great father-son moment on Monday when Stefan Holt threw it over to a familiar face: his dad.

Lester Holt Shares Words of Wisdom He Gave Son Stefan -