Any open letter to my husband on all the things that I feel most deeply. I wish I was the wife he needed.

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You are my paradox... you are the love letter I can't read anymore. The same one I refuse to throw away... - JmStorm

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It's such a difficult thing to express your undying love for your children, but this is a wonderful start.

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Every day I do something to improve everything in my world. I work with my son. I encourage him, teach him, and push him. I work on keeping myself happy. I've been alone in the past. I'm not afraid of alone. I'm not afraid of anything. I do what I do to make everything what it should and can be. And in my heart, I hope she'll one day see that I always have been what she deserved. No matter what appeared to be, I never stopped doing. I am a better man than that.

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