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"O" is for Ornament. Preschool art We did this in my 3 year old class. First we painted the letter "O" green, our color for the week, then glittered the wet paint. After it dried we glued them to construction paper and filled the center of the letter with glue and confetti. Added the top and hook last! Loved them!


Feeling guilty.

I opened my locker to see a small collection of letters addressed to me by Jenna. I thought she didn't know me, but I loved the idea of being with her. Her long brown hair in contrast with my cut short locks...


I love these videos the songs teaches the letters with both sounds , with the right writing formation of each letter and rhyming words with a hip beat. I also use sand or salt writing trays for each students. I was able to teach the whole alphabet in 26 days. The average times I played the video was 3 times during a class session due to requests from my students they love the songs.


>>i wrote this letter for my boyfriend, please take the time to read it. If you feel the same way you are more then welcome to use it <<< i want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. there are no words to express the feeling I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. you are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did ...

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Letter Recognition Uppercase & Lowercase

Are you looking for some great activities for teaching letter recognition? Help your students master uppercase and lowercase letters with this activity packet. Kids practice identifying letters with 3 engaging worksheets and 2 fun center activities. Great for preschool and kindergarten classrooms and homeschool. My kiddos love learning the alphabet with this packet! Click on the picture to see more.

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Writing Workshop Series: Post #4 - Friendly Letters

*Teaching Maddeness*: Writing Workshop- Friendly Letters. Using this in my writing lesson this week. SO cute and the students love to sing!


A love letter from God. This letter was given to me many years ago during a time when I was straying away from my faith. I brought such tears to my eyes, that I immediately bean to pray, and knew that it was a message from Abba