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ITAP of a levitating crystal ball


The Magical World of Surreal Levitation Photography

And we all fall down by Tasha Marie

from Bloglovin’

A Pipoca Mais Doce

dorysz: fly

Photomnipulations by Yutha Adiputra Yamanaka


"'You just think lovely wonderful thoughts,' Peter explained, 'and they lift you up in the air.'"


Facepaintium Perfecto! Now your magic mug will really look wizard, as you can apply your makeup with wands that could have come straight from Ollivander's, if Ollivander had been more interested in fashion then levitation and lighting spells. Storybook Cosmetics, a company run by triplets in Omaha who see a correlation between the sparkling of a magic spell and the glitter of the runway, don't technically or legally call their products "Harry Potter" anything. But it's like selling a…

I had a lot of dreams like this as a child. Thank you Mina Sarenac! (would like to shoot photos similar to this)


100 Magical Levitation Photography Examples to Inspire You - Photodoto