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True....but the American people still have the power to keep this Putin backed oligarch and his cabinet from destroying our democracy.....

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though i agree with this, i think the real problem stems from corporate greed (they can "afford" to pay their workers more but don't b/c they do not have to). why? b/c they have collectively procured the government in order to keep the minimum wage static and ensure that they continue to astronomically profit while workers earn poverty level wages. it is reflective of a system of oligarchy not democracy.

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Corporate Greed IS NOT Freedom!

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Hollywood is filled with everything that the Bible warns us against. It's time to unsubscribe to cable, stop watching trash in theaters, and open our Bibles daily. God bless.

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always something with liberals.

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Why does anyone need, deserve or earn $180 million??? How?

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The Poster Art At The Women's March On Washington Will Be Powerful

The Poster Art At The Women's March On Washington Will Be Powerful | The Huffington Post

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He will remain for all eternity one of the "Classiest" Presidents!! <3<3<3

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YES YES YES!! Talk about The Cold Hard Truth!!! A Real Truth Bomb!!

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America ~ Must Take A STRONG Stand on Racism,Bigotry, Hate

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