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Libertarian Presidential Candidate 2016

United States Presidential Election Cards

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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson makes a point during a news conference before a rally late on Oct. 3 in Parker, Colo. (AP)

Not Republican, Not Democrat. Just love this country and need defenders of our Constitution to take the reins and bring us back from the brink of destruction

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Don't vote only because of gender

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Please sign the petition for Dr Ben Carson to run in 2016

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so true and you can't talk to them about what Socialism really will mean to this country because they refuse to listen! The indoctrination by the schools has been totally complete turning them into brainwashed peons of the socialists! :-(

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It's called an oath of office for a reason. Trump doesn't respect the rule of law or the Amendments so it applies to his dumb ass too.

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