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Well...better than putting up a fight, which that's only if things

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Libra cosmos

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Sun Mercury Jupiter - Virgo Neptune Uranus Rising - Cap Moon node - Sag Venus - Libra Saturn - Aquarius Pluto - Scorpio Mars - Gem Pluto - Scorp

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Those born under the Libra zodiac sign crave balance, and the Moon in Libra means they will do whatever is necessary to maintain it. The Moon represents your creativity and emotions. For Librans that involves finding peace and harmony. As social people, this often means finding a lifelong partner.

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Sagittarius Woman with Moon in Libra - Your Moon sign points to the emotional side of your being. It's where you feel comfortable at the end of the day. - Although I need and enjoy my me time, I do find myself talking and socializing with clients and friends when breaking from work. Moon in Libras will make decisions at work and then want to turn off their work brains at home. - Tune into your astro links at

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♎ Pluto In Libra - Sun Signs Yep, but most people are too distracted or selfish to pay attention, research it or change themselves to become the examples the world NEEDS!!!

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THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY: Libra Rising. Ascendant in Libra. This is my rising sign! <3

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