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Knowing you're being lied to is worse than being hurt by the truth, because some truths only make you angry while being lied to destroys your trust.

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Elisabeth Elliot - Quotes

It really does. Its hard to kove on when they keep coming back in your mind

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I hate being lied to and if I question that you are, I'll do whatever it takes to catch you in one.

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I told you everything and how I was hurt but you still managed to hurt me in almost the same way. Just threw me out like a piece of trash.

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How many wives would deal with this over and over and over again? You can only reject and hurt somone so many times before they break.

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never again, now that you know, show him what hurts you, what means alot to you, never give him even a tiny shard of your heart, he will use it to stab you to death

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