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What happens after death? What to expect when your loved one crosses over.

What happens after someone dies? Death and dying can be difficult, but don't worry! You can still connect with your deceased loved ones once they go to heaven. life after death | death and dying | spiritual inspiration

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From "Answers About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life After Death" by Bob Olson

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Do we have a soul? Is there life after death? The afterlife is something that has been experienced by countless people since recorded history who have returned to tell their tales, with the most noteworthy account experienced first-hand by Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years, Dr. Eben Alexander. This is not just another afterlife account that can be written off as a hallucination. Before we look at exactly how his experience of the afterlife defies all scientific explanation…

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Mourning should last longer than two months. If you put up a dating profile 60 days after his death, it shows lack of respect and lack of love.

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True Stories of Messages and Guiding Hands from Beyond the Grave

What happens when we die may be life's greatest mystery, but sometimes the dead return in the form of voices, apparitions, music and even guiding hands to let us know death need not be feared. Here are true accounts of messages from the other side.

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

For all of us who miss those we have lost...especially dedicated to someone I love who has lost so much this past year and handled loss with such grace....

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