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Life Cycle of Plants (20 Activities, Labs, Printables & Foldable Flower Book)


Standard- 1.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics among individuals within one plant or animal group. Description- This interactive website can be used throughout a plant unit to show the class how the weather effects a seed growth, what different parts make up a plant, and to provide some facts about the different parts of a flower.

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A Unit on Plants

This pack is all about PLANTS!. 24 pages! A mini book and worksheets. Life cycle of plants, parts of a plant, plant vocabulary, needs of plants, and more...


ALL ABOUT PLANTS and SEEDS, Plant Life Cycle Observation Journal, Crafty from Busy Me Plus Three on - (116 pages) - A great unit over the life cycle of plants!


Plant Life Cycle is an interactive animated lesson on the life cycle of a plant. In this lesson kids learn how a plant grows from a tiny seed.

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Basic Plant Life Cycle And The Life Cycle Of A Flowering Plant

Basic Plant Life Cycle And The Life Cycle Of A Flowering Plant-One of the best ways to help kids learn about growing plants is by introducing them to the basic plant life cycle. The following article has this information and more to share with your kids.