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Life on the moon would be very different for explorers than life on Earth. See how in this infographic.

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photo credit: Andrew Choy Anyone who practices yoga is familiar with Sun Salutations. Somewhat less known are Moon Salutations. The Moon Salutation is a series of postures (asanas) done in sequence in honor of the moon and its special energies. The moon has long captivated our imaginations and is rich with symbolism. It seemed nothing […]

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{published on The Inertia} The tides move from high to low as the moon rotates from new to full. In just one day the ocean’s energy can change from pumping waves with spitting barrels to flat calm…

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Dark Side of the Moon BY Pink Floyd. Darth Vader says it's the best side of the moon!

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A Quiet Cheer for Solitude

Gosh I LOVE 'filmset' paths of illuminated mists, courtesy of the Full Moon in the winter woods #pixiecrystals

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The Moon Landing as reported by the UK’s Daily Mirror

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I shall live here in my next life. With tiny wings I shall take flight when shines the moon on summer nights. Dance will I on tops of trees across the woods on the sun warmed breeze. Though ever careful need I be that no one ever catches me ! :-) D.K. 7/27/13

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Day trading course. 100s of training vids. Handpicked winning trades, plus buy and sell text and email alerts. Shoot your portfolio to the moon ...Join Stock Domination 101 today and equip yourself with the tools get you on a green path to the good life.

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Jack the guardian is having some kind of sickness he has to look after....

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Custom Order for Brittany

This pendant was inspired by Celtic folklore and designs. It features the common "Triquetra" or "Trinity Knot" within the branches of the tree. Measuring approximately 1 1/2 inches tall (including the bail) and 1 inch across at the widest area, it was created with a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone moon and oxidized copper wire.

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