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It's hard to believe I am reduced to searching for Infographics. They seem to sometimes be much clearer than the accompanying articles, an idea I would have sneered at a few years ago. Anyway, we have a bunch of CFL bulbs (nondimmable) and I had no idea what to expect of them. Now I do! Rooms without enough light but at lower cost and longer bulb life1 [13-12-13]

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I like this photo because it captures the bursting of the light bulb but it also shows the shaking of it through the blur.

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LED & Incandescent Edison Filament Bulbs

Select from our wide range of style and wattage options to create the perfect ambiance for your space. We would like to help you pick the best wattage for your needs so this is how we summarize each wattage option: 30 watt- Candle lit glow. This is great for accent lighting such as over a dining table. 60 watt- General/Task lighting. This wattage is great for main areas such as a living room or hallway. If hung lower over a table or desk it would be perfect for reading. This is the maximum…

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Feit Electric E17/Intermediate LED Light Bulb Wattage: 4.8W

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Driftwood light...LOVE!! Looks like just one of those globe bulbs with low wattage.

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equivalent watt and lumen output for old-style incandescent and the three-types of energy-saving bulbs (LEDs, halogens and CFLs).

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