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Vintage Russian USSR Leningrad 2 light meter with original leather case Soviet era 1960s / Selenium Exposure Soviet LIGHT Meter USSR

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The Lumu light meter for the iPhone does something your camera can't

No matter how smart your camera’s built-in light meter, it will sometimes under- or over-expose. You can learn to compensate for such errors, but there’s a more accurate and reliable method – using a hand held light meter, such as the Sekonic L-308S hand held light meter shown here.When using your DSLR’s internal light meter you’re measuring the light reflected from the subject, and

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Steam Punk Light Meters, Vintage Light Meters, Antique Light Meters, Light Meter Pins, Light Meter Magnets, Light Metor Cabochons, 1", 12 ct

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What is a Light Meter?

A guide to understanding your camera's light meter.: What is a Light Meter?How To Read the MeterWhen to Overexpose and Underexpose Your Images


Photography techniques: Light metering