MU Pack For Light #concept #packaging #lamp designed by Constantin Bolimond -

MU Pack For Light #concept #packaging #lamp designed by Constantin Bolimond -

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Eco shocker: Turbine Light concept uses wind to light highways Ingenious, eco-friendly concepts are all around us, there's no denying that. This one caught our eye because it's pretty innovative, seemingly well thought out, and good looking to boot. The Turbine Light concept harnesses the power of the wind from cars rushing past to light up the ever-darkening roadways.

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She was a long cool woman in a black dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall. With just one look I was a bad men, cause the long cool woman had it all, had it all.

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CITYLIGHT is a hybrid urban illumination system driven by human-power and electricity. Located in public areas, the lamps are connected to outdoor fitness facilities which carry and transfer human power generated to the light system.

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This Handmade Geodesic Lampshade from Etsy is Origami-Inspired #lighting #design

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Sobre la plaza del ábside de la Catedral de Tortosa. Un proyecto de Arquitecturia, Josep Camps i Olga Felip

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