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My coach said I run like a girl and I said if he ran a little faster he could too. --Mia Hamm #inspiration #quotes #girlpower

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9 Videos You Should Definitely See This Week

Let's edit the tired adage "like a girl" to "kick ass like a girl"! Our hard-wired society needs to watch and show our children--boys and girls--this video until the strength and power of the female are recognized in EVERYTHING !

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What You Need to Know about Zumba

Everything you need to know about zumba When a girl is working out and tightens her pony tail you know its about to go down

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Fight like a GIRL: um projeto sobre mulheres fortes e inspiradoras!

If you wouldn't walk up to hermoine and say "you will never fight as well as Harry, because your a girl" or walk up to Leia and say "you can't save the day, your a girl" DONT SAY YOU FIGHT LIKE A GIRL

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Why is "like a girl" an insult? "You punch like a girl." "You hit like a girl." "You run like a girl." I'm proud to be a girl. "Like a girl," is not an insult. Stop using it as one.

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"My coach said I run like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too." - Mia Hamm #Quote

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Always' New #LikeAGirl Campaign Will Bring You To Tears

We’ve all heard the phrase “like a girl” growing up, so why not change its negative stigma? | Always’ New #LikeAGirl Campaign Will Bring You To Tears

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I Know I Play Like A Girl Volleyball Hoodie Sweatshirt | Hoodie | Cute Volleyball Shirts

I know I play like a girl volleyball Hoodie Sweatshirt, WANT THIS SWEATSHIRT!!!

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